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2021-01-08 15:44:34
Detailed introduction:

Stone, as a high-end building decoration material, is widely used in indoor outdoor decoration design, curtain wall decoration public facility construction. At present, the common stones on the market are mainly divided into natural stones artificial stones. Gaizhou curbstone

Natural stone is divided into slate granite according to its physical chemical properties. Artificial stone is divided into terrazzo synthetic stone according to the process. Terrazzo is forged pressed with raw materials such as cement concrete; synthetic stone is made with crushed natural stone as raw material, plus adhesives, etc., which are pressurized polished. The latter two are artificially made, so the strength is as high as natural stone. Stone is a high-end product of building decoration materials. Natural stone is roughly divided into granite, slate, sandstone, limestone, volcanic rock, etc. With the continuous development advancement of technology, artificial stone products are constantly changing, the quality beauty are no less than natural. Stone. With the development of architectural design, stone has long become one of the important raw materials for construction, decoration, road bridge construction.