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What are the daily maintenance of stone?

2020-12-24 H:51:14

The following stone factory will introduce the daily maintenance knowledge of stone Gaizhou Stone

(1) Compatibility. Choose products that have no effect on the color of the stone in the stone factory. If it is wet pasting construction, check whether it will affect the bonding force of the stone cement when processing the back of the stone.

(2) In the case of wet pasting construction in the stone factory, the back side of the stone should be treated well, then the protective agent with good waterproof effect should be selected.

(3) In addition to the waterproof treatment on the back of the choice of protective agent for the ground stone, the front of the stone in the stone factory should also be properly protected according to the use environment. Some special places, like hospitals, should choose products with good antifouling performance, hotels like hotels should choose protective products with good antifouling oil resistance.

(4) Dry-hanging stone is of little significance to protect its backside. The stone factory can choose corresponding protective products for treatment according to the use environment the characteristics of the stone.

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