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The three most widely used stone curing agents in China

2020-11-18 H:00:00

After the stone is transported out of the factory installed, in order to improve the anti-fouling ability of the stone to protect the stone products for a long time, we can better clean it up. The editor briefly sorted out the effects that can be achieved in the daily stone maintenance: cover Zhou Yuxiang Stone

① It can reduce the water absorption rate, generally the water content rate can be reduced by 75%, even almost no water absorption.

②Make the color of the stone products darker, the characteristics are more obvious, there is no need to damage the natural feeling.

③ Better moisture-proof effect.

④ It can prevent ultraviolet rays, prevent stone cracking, weathering other phenomena.

⑤The cured stone products are easy to be contaminated easier to clean.

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When it comes to stone curing, the choice of curing agents is also very important. At present, the curing agents sold in China are mainly divided into three categories:

A: Various protective agents, such as water-absorbing protective agent, anti-fog curing agent, bright curing agent, cement white flower preventive agent, etc., these are used for preventive protection of stone before use.

B: Cleaning agents, such as rust remover, degreasing agent, strong cleaning agent, concrete thin layer remover, etc. These cleaning agents are mainly used for cleaning stone products that have been contaminated.

C: Strengthening agent, which mainly strengthens the hardness strength of softer stone prevents weathering cracking.