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How to distinguish natural stone as shoddy

2020-07-31 H:54:21

Since stone is a naturally occurring material, it has many unavoidable defects, flawed defective stone products are unacceptable to customers. For this reason, many factories will cause huge waste losses. Some stone factories will sell these substandard products to customers as first-level products (A-level products) after a certain amount of treatment. Of course, the price is relatively cheap. Therefore, you must open your eyes to confirm every qualified stone product when inspecting the goods in the factory. Either it is the customer's claim the loss of the customer. Gaizhou Road Yanshi

Which Gaizhou fire board is better

Generally, the main methods of processing inferior stone into first-class stone in stone factory are:

1. Use wax to repair stone with holes on the board (especially granite)

This is very unsafe. The correct way to make up is wax but epoxy resin with the same similar color as the stone surface. Use wax to repair the holes. Once the wax falls halfway melts due to factors such as sun exposure, high temperature enclosed in a container, fumigation, the holes will still appear in the end. Originally, the board surface was very good during inspection. However, there are holes in the board on the customer's side.

How to distinguish stone that has been repaired with wax?

At this time, just pay attention to some unnatural crystals (crystal particles) on the stone surface, which are often impersonated by paraffin.

2. Because the degree of polishing is up to standard, use oiling, waxing, filming to increase the gloss of the stone.

Due to their own processing technology cost considerations, some stone processing plants did grind the stone to meet the contract standards the required gloss, so they used varnish, wax, light film methods to add stone slabs The glossiness of the surface meets the luminosity required by the contract (generally above 90 degrees). The effect of this is also very bad, like oiling waxing, it may be exposed before the installation ( the installation process), although the coating is better, once the layer of light film is worn away It also reveals the stuff, which is quite dangerous for some orders with a delivery date, it may be out of money.

How to distinguish which stone products are polished?

The back sides of oiled stone products generally have a sense of oil stains even oil spots; waxed stone slopes are also a bit strange. You can use matches fire to bake the board. If there is wax, just It will be copied off to reveal the original face of the stone; as for the stone of the glazing film, although the gloss is high, the strength of the general film is good, it is easy to be worn, scratches can be seen to the light.