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Stone manufacturers must organize stones in an orderly manner

2020-07-31 H:02:56

Generally speaking, the outer surface of high-quality stone has a well-proportioned fine-grained structure, fine external texture, evenly distributed variegation, the inside of the stone is compact uniform without obvious cracks, the striking sound of the stone is clear bright; Yingkou stone is of inferior quality the surface of the stone, there are many "defects", such as the unevenness of the particle size the poor appearance of the particle structure, the uneven mechanical endurance of compression bending resistance, which is more prone to fracture. Gaizhou curbstone

Use small tools that everyone has to check the quality of stone in a simple way. Usually a drop of ink is dropped on the back of the stone. If the ink is dispersed soaked into the stone quickly, it means that the quartz particles in the stone are loose there are tiny cracks. The quality of Wulian stone is poor; on the contrary, if the ink drops on the stone There is no penetration no movement in the original place above, indicating that the stone has good compactness.

The advantages of stone are also related to quality. Good stone is compact, easy to damage, has good texture. Therefore, the advantages of stone are inseparable the characteristics of the stone itself.

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However, as a stone manufacturer itself, it is easier for a fired board manufacturer to manage it better to occupy a larger market share. a social point of view, it is the customer's pursuit to obtain products with higher cost performance. A product in the terminal market should allow ordinary people to feel that it is helpful to their lives.

Generally speaking, a product has a life span of three to five years, then it begins to decline. If manufacturers rely solely on a product to survive, they will only be "brilliant" for three to five years, the market is constantly changing. During the development, any change can cause an uproar. At present, the Wulian stone industry is facing overcapacity, disorderly homogeneous competition is accelerating. the transformation process, the manufacturers have entered a post-transition period.

The development of the market will go through three stages. When supply exceeds demand, the market does have saturation. It is common sense that manufacturers will sell out what they produce.

Another important reason why granite curbstones are favored by customers is the low price. The low price of red granite curbstones is based on abundant mine resources, which can ensure the large-scale application of the project. Based on the principle of reciprocity mutual benefit, continuously tapping the common interests of both the supply demand sides will surely lead a win-win era of market economy cooperation.