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How to care for stone

2020-07-31 H:02:20

1. Polish refurbish the ground stone that has lost its gloss. This method can improve the surface smoothness gloss of the stone to a certain extent (gloss reading is generally less than 70), but it cannot solve the problem of anti-fouling anti-skid of the stone. It is very time-consuming costly. Gaizhou curbstone

2. Perform crystal hardening treatment on the surface of the stone. This method can obtain an almost ideal mirror effect for the marble with a high degree of surface integrity (the polishing mark can still be seen with the naked eye); for the high degree of wear, it needs to be polished in advance. Make the surface gloss reach about 60 degrees, the crystal hard treatment will have a good treatment effect. There is no obvious treatment effect on granite. The crystal hardening agent itself has strong acidity, if it is used carelessly, it will burn the marble. The reason is that the strong acidic substance the main component of marble, calcium carbonate, chemically react, causing the crystal structure of the marble to be destroyed; in the crystal hardening agent It also contains toxic fluorosilicate; the brightener used with the crystal hardening agent contains harmful organic solvents; in addition, the crystal hardening coating has poor wear resistance water resistance.

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3. Use hydrofluoric acid resin anti-skid agent for anti-skid treatment. The aqueous solution containing hydrogen fluoride (highly toxic) can expand the capillary channel of the stone surface, forming a suction cup effect, achieve anti-skid effect. However, using hydrofluoric acid will destroy the integrity of the surface to be treated reduce its gloss, increase the surface Chance speed of pollution. Resin-based anti-skid agents will adhere to pollutants, together with pollutants form complex dirt that is difficult to remove, the sticky surface affects the road feel.

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4. Use fluorine silicon organic compounds for antifouling treatment. For example, use permeable fluorine silicon organic compounds to treat wall stone. Water oily substances cannot easily enter the stone through the capillary channel of the stone. The scouring of the stone will gradually lose lose weaken the antifouling effect, that is, the fluorosilicone organic compound is difficult to achieve long-term antifouling, which will also affect the transparency of the stone, the cost is also high. If the ground stone is treated with a permeable fluorine-silicon organic compound, dirt may still be squeezed into the holes on the treated surface, the anti-skid ability of the treated surface will be reduced. If film-forming fluorosilicone resin is used to treat ground stone, there will be problems such as wear resistance, slip resistance shedding; if film-forming fluorosilicone resin is used for wall stone care, there will be problems of shedding discoloration.

5. Treating stone with permeable organic silicon has good waterproof effect, but its oil resistance is good. Its protective effect on stone is as good as permeable fluorine silicon organic compound.

6. Using resin to protect the stone will only make the stone impermeable, but the resin itself has poor wear resistance, discoloration even uneven discoloration, peeling off, it is difficult to remove the resin itself. The damage effect of coating resin on the stone May be greater than the nursing effect.

7. Waxing is a kind of care method that damages the stone, which has been gradually eliminated. The wax contains unsaturated chemical bonds fused-ring aromatic hydrocarbons that are sensitive to ultraviolet light. Under the action of light, it will develop change color, often darkening the color, which damages the appearance of light-colored stones; in addition, the wax itself has poor wear resistance. It requires frequent waxing, increasing labor costs, the overall cost is necessarily lower than other care methods; wax will absorb various living dirts to form composite dirt, which is difficult to remove if hidden in the capillary duct of the stone; it will be obvious after waxing Reduce the friction coefficient of the ground stone increase the risk of slipping; solvent-based wax is environmentally friendly, water-emulsion wax has poor water resistance.

8. Dyeing the stone, whether it is waxed fixed with a resin film after dyeing, is a stopgap measure. The wax itself has poor wear resistance poor color fixing effect; the resin has poor wear resistance; Fixation of wax resin can also damage the stone as mentioned above.